Creating Digital Portfolios

Hey everyone! I am so excited to share this app with you and show you how to create digital student portfolios! 
Seesaw allows students to independently create and capture their learning all in one place! The app allows you to collect and digitalize your students' physical work. Once you create a class, multiple students can be added making this program accessible and functional for classrooms with limited devices. This tool encourages parent involvement by allowing parents to view their students learning and progress from anywhere, at anytime! 

First, download the app. Setup is extremely easy and all features are very intuitive making Seesaw user-friendly for students as young as kindergarten. 

Once an account is created, students can access the account by scanning the QR code on additional devices...NO passwords needed.

Students can create and share photos, videos, drawing and notes. All items are digitally stored under each student's individual file. 

Parents can access the files on any device. This feature encourages parent involvement in their child's learning and helps facilitate communication at home about their day at school. For my speech students, I plan to upload pictures for a craft or activity sheet we completed during the therapy session so that parents can view it at home. My hope is that this will help facilitate carry-over of strategies and skills that I have taught them at school.

How do you currently manage student portfolios? Try Seesaw and let me know what you think!  Thank you so much for stopping by! 


Monday Made It

Hey everyone!

I am so excited to link up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It! I can't believe summer is almost over! As I approach the start of the new school year, I start making a ton of lists for "to-do's," "to create," and "to print," etc. for my classroom! I know that we are all on a budget and we continuously search for inexpensive materials and resources for our classrooms. How many times have you ordered a Happy Meal at McDonald's just so you can keep the toy for your prize box? ;)

For today's Monday Made It, I created scratch-off tickets for my prize box! These are super easy to create and can be used multiple times. Oh...and did I mention, they are FREE! Students can select a ticket and scratch it off to reveal their prize! 
First, print the tickets on card stock and cut them out. You can grab them for free HERE

Second, to create the "scratch-off" part, you'll need the following materials: 
Dishwashing liquid
Acrylic paint

After you print the tickets, tape over the "prize" area. Laminating them might work as well and allow you to use them multiple times! 

Then, mix the "scratch-off" solution using 1 part dish soap to 2 parts paint. Apply the solution to the taped area. I did 3-4 coats on each ticket to make sure the area was covered well.

Once the tickets are dry, add them to your prize box or distribute to students randomly. Let them scratch it off with a coin to reveal their prize! :) 

Thank you so much for stopping by! Head over to the link up for more amazing DIY ideas! 

Five for Friday {Linky Party}

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I am so excited to be linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bug Teaching for Five for Friday and my very first blog post on A Perfect Blend! So much has happened this summer and I can't wait to share with you what I have been doing, loving and creating!

This June, my husband and I were blessed with a sweet baby boy! We are absolutely amazed at God's love and our new addition to our family. We have started "venturing" out of the house now that he is a little older (7 weeks) and this week we went to Kohl's to snatch up these adorable characters for my classroom to accompany one of my favorite series! Not only are they super cute, they support a great cause, Kohl's Cares

I have started working out again to lose all the baby weight! :/ I love running, but I'm still taking it easy and I have started walking each night with my sweet baby. He absolutely loves being outside and "wearing" hims helps strengthen my legs and back! I have also been incorporating a few exercises from here

3000 FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM!!! I am so blessed to reach this milestone! THANK YOU so much to everyone who follows, comments and "likes" my photos! I love all of the wonderful teachers and bloggers that I have met. I think a giveaway might be coming very soon! ;)

In between naps and feedings, I am starting to get resources and posters ready for my classroom. I finally printed my classroom rule posters and I am loving how they turned out! You can grab them in my TPT store! 

I also completed and posted these Back-to-School activity books for first and second graders (kindergarten coming soon :)). The first week of school is a perfect time to get to know your new students and for them to get to know their peers! Use all of the pages in the pack or select the ones that you feel will fit the needs of your students. Activity books includes easy, engaging pages for students to complete and transition out of summer break! I also included a writing craftivity.

Thank you for stopping by! Head over to the link up and see what other fabulous teachers/bloggers are doing this summer! :)



Hey everyone! 
Thank you so much for stopping by my new blog! I am so excited to begin this new chapter in my blogging journey and I love that I get the opportunity to share it with you!
My sweet friend and I began our TPT/blogging adventure two years ago as a partnership and created For His Glory Teaching. We have absolutely loved our time working together and I am so blessed by her friendship and support. We continue to support and collaborate with each other often! You can visit her new blog at Teach.Create.Motivate. 

God has blessed my family in so many ways through blogging and TPT. He continues to present opportunities for me to not only fulfill my calling, but also embrace the passion I have for creating and socializing with fellow teachers and SLPs. 

I would absolutely love for you to enter my giveaway. Make sure to follow me for new ideas, resources and product updates!