Winter Break Speech Practice

Wow! It's hard to believe we are already counting down winter break...not that I'm complaining. ;) 
I am definitely looking forward to two weeks off to enjoy family, friends, shopping 
and of course, TpT-ing! 

If you're like me, you find it difficult to make use of all your resources for December given that it's a short "therapy" month. As winter break approaches, I look thorough my December bin and realize I was not able to use all of the activities I created or purchased for December. So, here's a possible solution: send the resources, specifically the "no prep" pages, home with your students as carry-over activities. I always send home calendars with my students over summer break, but two weeks off for winter breaks provided multiple opportunities for home practice as well. 


"What's in Your Cart" Link Up

Hey everyone! I can not believe that summer break is almost over. I will definitely miss all of the time I was able to spend with my little one. Now is the time that I am searching Pinterest, Instagram and my favorite blogs for new resources and activities to implement in my classroom at the beginning of the year. So, cue the Teachers Pay Teachers "Best Year Ever" Sale! This is always a great opportunity to stock up on must-have items for the beginning of the school year. 

For this sale, I am linking up with Jenna from Speech Room News for "What's in Your Cart" link up. All of the items in my store will be 28% of when you the code: BESTYEAR. I have been working extremely hard this summer on updates and creating new resources so I am very excited to share a few with you. 

First, up are my Articulation Progress Trackers
Trackers allow you to track progress at each level using the sticker chart provided on the first page. Users are able monitor progress at the word, phrase and sentence levels and target sounds presented in the initial, medial and final positions. These are perfect for collecting baseline data, monitoring progress or supporting teachers with collection of Response to Intervention data. 


Earth Day: Planet Saving Starter Kit

Hey everyone! I wanted to bring you this quick post for an "Earth Day: Planet Saving" starter kit that I put together for my students. Many times, it's young, fresh ideas that help ignite change in families. What better way to support that, than with a starter kit to promote reducing, reusing and recycling at home? My hope is that my students will take these kits home and implement a few changes to help our planet whether it be saving water, turing off the lights or creating a recycling bin. So, what have I included? 

"Blow Me Away" Valentine's Day Card

Hey everyone! I hope you are all off to a great start in 2016! I have been so busy with my sweet baby that I have not had time to actually blog. Hopefully, I will be able to visit with y'all a little more frequently and continue to share ideas and resources for your classroom.
Today, I wanted to share a quick Valentine's Day card that my students will be making next week. It's super easy, does not require a lot of time and I know parents and loved ones with greatly appreciate them!

The first thing you'll need to do is "set the stage." I used black butcher paper and hung it over one of my bulletin boards. Then, I used our die-cut machine (literally, the only time I have used it all year) and cut out pink hearts. I used two different sizes to give the effect that the hearts were floating away. Tape the hearts onto the butcher paper, mostly in the top left corner.
Now it's time to take the pictures! Have your students stand sideways with their hands "cupped" at their chin. Then, instruct them to blow as you take the picture. My students said they felt extremely silly, but once I showed them their picture, they were so excited for me to print them.
Finally, print your pictures and the Valentine's Day cards (GRAB HERE). Then, attach the pictures! That's it! 

Already have a Valentine's Day craft? Pin this and save it for later!
Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!