Dallas Blogger Meet Up

This weekend was amazing! I loved reuniting and meeting so many friends that share my passion for blogging and creating for TpT. I love following these wonderful people on social media and it was so fun to meet up with them. Everyone was so sweet and I am very thankful to all the attendees.
The preparation stated by assembling an amazing group of ladies who dedicated countless hours requesting donations, sending emails, making reservations, creating tags, games, names badges and so much more! Thank you to Ashley from Teach Create Motivate, Ally from Loopin' Littles and Sarah from Yeehaw Teaching in Texas for all of your hard work and making this weekend so awesome!
This year we reserved The Cheesecake Factory for the meet up. We loved this location and the restaurant offered a great area for socializing with everyone. The food was delicious and of course we had to have a slice of cheesecake!  

We played a game with Starbursts to learn a little more about each other. We placed the Starburst on the table and instructed everyone to grab two Starbursts (different colors). Then, each person matched the Starburst color to the heart on the sign (below) and shared that interesting fact with the group! Who knew so many people enjoy watching Scandal!? ;)

I loved this opportunity to reunite with friends as well as connect to new ones! We discussed everything from "new mommy" struggles to teacher must-haves for the classroom. Hearing the amazing success stories from teaching and TpT was a huge blessing. Thank you so much to everyone that attended! 
Carrie from Adventures in Kinder and Beyond
Ashleigh from iTeach Language in Kinder
Bryce from The Teaching Texan
Karen from Smarticle Particles 
Princess from Teaching, Love, Cupcakes
Ha from Happy Days in First Grade
Ashley from Sweet Southern Speech
Elissa from Mrs. Jones' Creation Station 
Amanda from Mrs. Richardson's Class
Jose from Mr. C's Classroomtopia
Amy from Step Into Second Grade 

Wow! We are so grateful for all of the amazing donations! Everyone was able to win TWO prizes. We all have giving hearts and we loved the opportunity to bless everyone with teacher treats. Thank you so much to the following companies and individuals that donated:

Megan from I Teach! What's Your Superpower?
Carrie from Adventures in Kinder and Beyond
Ashleigh from iTeach Language in Kinder
Karen from Smarticle Particles 
Princess from Teaching, Love, Cupcakes
Ha from Happy Days in First Grade
Ashley from Sweet Southern Speech
Jose from Mr. C's Classroomtopia
Elissa from Mrs. Jones' Creation Station 
Amanda from Mrs. Richardson's Class
Bryce from The Teaching Texan
Kendra Scott
Go Noodle
J. Rae's Cookies

I absolutely loved our favors this year. Each attendee received a delicious Texas cookie from J. Rae's Cookie, an adorable canvas tote from Hobby Lobby and Go Noodle swag! 

Thank you so much again to everyone who attended, donated, and shared our passion for blogging. I am so excited to start planning our next meet up! If you were unable to attend this year, stay connected for updates on our next Dallas Blogger Meet Up.